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Beau Care: 10/3/19
Fair Day (No School): 10/4/19

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Welcome to Beauregard Alternative Program
 Our mission is to provide redirection, rethinking and relearning in a strict, regimented atmosphere for students in grades 5-12. 
 Week of October 14, 2019- October 18, 2019.
 Word of the Week:
Trilogy n.-group of three works. We read Heir to the Empire, the first book of the Star Wars trilogy.  

Character Corner:

Loyalty is being faithful to one's country, family, friends, and beliefs. 
"Loyalty is still the same, whether it win or lose the game; true as a dial to the sun, although it be not shined upon." -Samuel Butler
  Great things are happening at the Beauregard Alternative Program!!!
 BAP Luncheon
Thank you GRACE Church and Mustard Seed
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 Thank you Coach Glasier for speaking to our FCA. 
 Thank you Beauregard Parish Library for supplying our students the opportunity to check-out books.
 38  6
 Thank you Tiffany Hebert for your donation of notebooks, paper, & pencils. 
 Special Thanks to the Rotary Club for supplying each student with a new dictionary. 
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 Happy Boss's Day Coach Mike Greene
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 31  32
 33  34
 Thank you Jeremey Hutto for sharing your story with us.
 See You At The Pole
 A Special thanks to Misty Robinson of United Way for their school supply donation.
 BAP Open House
Thank you to all the Partners in Education, Central Office, and Parents who where able to attend. 
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 Thank you to Corliss Ann Hanchey from GRACE CHURCH 
for supplying yummy treats!!!
1st FCA Speaker for 18-19 School Year:
Charlie Bailey from Dry Creek Baptist Church
 Getting his pump on!!!
Thank you to the Phillips Family for donating a BowFlex!
 A Very Special Thanks to Brent Stahl, Debbie Chambley, Jake LaBauve, and Ryan Terrell
 for their golf club donations. 
 12  13
 Thank you to our Partner in Education, Chef Deputy Joe Toler of the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office for the hundreds of pens and pencils!!!
 The Few, The Proud, The BAP
2018-2019 Teacher In-Service Breakfast


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